Global Indian International School | Parent Support Group
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Parent Support Group

The Parent Support Group (PSG) is a group of parent volunteers who act as a conduit between the school and the parents and students to create a joyful and caring environment for our children in their journey through Global Indian International School (GIIS). It acts as a connecting bridge between the school management and parents.

The PSG strives to enable parents to make a meaningful difference to their child’s overall experience at GIIS and provides an avenue for parents to make a connection with their child’s learning experience. It acts as a forum to meet other parents, discuss as well as share resources amongst themselves towards providing support to parents in the context of their child’s education, provide information about school matters, build the confidence of parents in dealing with difficult parenting issues and behaviour, and support the achievement at school by children.

During the course of the academic year, the PSG organises various interactive sessions and workshops for the benefit of parents. Some of the topics of discussion included:

  • Empowering yourself and your child

  • Parenting teenagers

  • Social-emotional upbringing of children

  • Parenting Teenagers

Apart from informative workshops for parents, the PSG also organises events and activities on campus to ensure a positive engagement among parents and the school fraternity.