Global Indian International School | Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility


At Global Indian International School (GIIS), we believe that education should nurture global citizens. As members of society, students need to acknowledge their responsibilities towards each other as well as towards the society. By being responsible global citizens, students are aware of the societal issues and contribute innovatively to address some of the challenges faced by the society. CSR initiatives thus became extremely important in the school’s endeavour to give back to the society.

Philanthropic initiatives, like Flag Day, Blood Donation Drive and Hair for Hope, among many others, contribute to create awareness amongst our students about the needs of the society and ways in which they can assist others in the community.

Creating Shared Value through CSR

Shared Value is defined as the set of policies and best practices that create benefits for the community as well as for the organization which is serving such a community, as explained by Michael E Porter and Mark R Kramer. The journey of Creating Shared Value started at GIIS though a systematic process, where the school seeks feedback on its CSR initiatives and measures its benefits for the society. The school has thus been able to identify CSR initiatives which have provided maximum benefit to the community, as well as create a competitive advantage for the institution.


Green Curriculum – Collaborative Environmental Programmes

As part of the Green Curriculum at GIIS, students work with various local environmental bodies and organisations on collaborative projects for environmental conservation. From raising awareness about efficient electricity and water usage amongst community members, to distributing and installing water saving kits, and conducting research on how to improve water quality, GIIS students undertake a wide spectrum of educational, awareness and learning activities for the benefit of the local community.