Global Indian International School | Community Integration
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Community Integration

Indian percussion fusion performance during the event at Tampines East CC, Singapore

Students of Global Indian International School (GIIS) have integrated with the local community through special activities, participation in festivals and celebrations, sports, cultural programmes and community service.

The school believes that students are the best ambassadors for a cohesive integration exercise, enabling them to bond with local students and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s multicultural fabric. Special bonds shared by the GIIS students and teachers with the local community have gone a long way in creating mutual respect with everlasting ties formed during activities and events such as cultural exchange programmes, friendship days, flag day collections, President Challenge’s fundraising, amongst many more.

GIIS’ initiatives and practices in integration and community involvement have been cited in a publication released by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, titled ‘Integration in Singapore Schools: A Best Practices Package’.

The school’s students, as part of their curriculum, are required to complete 50 hours of community service each. Enriched by the satisfaction gained through community involvement and contribution, students often clock more than 50 hours. Students undertake various interactive activities with the local community in academic, cultural and sports fields.