Global Indian International School | Global School Nine Gems Model
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Gem 1 – Leadership & Entrepreneurship

This aspect of the Nine Gems™ model focuses on instilling decision-making, critical thinking, effective communication and problem-solving skills in students, which enables them to undertake responsibilities and enhance their interpersonal skills. Various flagship events and activities have been designed towards instilling leadership and entrepreneurial skills among students.
The GIIS Leadership Lecture Series provides students an opportunity to meet and interact with eminent personalities from different walks of life. Innovation-themed events like the Real World Challenges Convention (RWCC) encourage students to find creative and innovative solutions for real-world problems presented to them. The Student Council is a body of elected student leaders who represent the ideals of the school, and carry out their duties and responsibilities during the academic year.
The GIIS Entrepreneurship Programme encourages students to come up with innovative and feasible business models that can be translated into economically-viable products or services.

Gem 2 – Personality Development

This aspect of the Nine Gems™ model focuses on different aspects of personality building through creative thinking, empathy and confidence building. Various activities in this sphere provide students with ample opportunities to hone their written and verbal skills through theatrical activities such as scripting and role play.
GIIS Creative Stage is a specialised and structured theatre module that aims to hone students’ creative expression and stage presence; in turn building their confidence. GIIS Speech and Drama provides a forum for students to showcase their creative talents. GIIS Weave-a-Tale encourages students to use their imagination to build a story that grabs attention.

Gem 3 – Creativity & Innovation

The GIIS Comprehensive Creativity Development Programme (CCDP) seeks to nurture creativity and innovation in students by mapping their interest areas and hobbies, identifying their competencies, and developing them further. Various clubs in school encourage students to pursue their hobbies, including the Science Club, Language Club, Chess Club, Heritage Club, and various hobby-based clubs for music & dance, painting, clay-modelling and more.

Gem 4 – Visual and Digital Arts

Keeping in mind the increased focus on visual and digital communication, exposure to visual and digital arts take place for children from an early age. Such exposure helps build appreciation for myriad creative forms among children.
Programmes that focus on innovation, engineering, technology, and robotics are part of the school’s curriculum. These help children grasp concepts on practical implications of motion and mechanism through aero-modelling and designing simple machines. Also, as the world grows increasingly digital, pedagogy at GIIS has expanded to include digital learning that not only helps students hone their IT skills, but also keep them ahead in the technology curve.

Gem 5 – Community Connection

This sphere of the Nine Gems™ model aims to nurture children as socially responsible citizens. Through various green initiatives, children are sensitised towards the need to protect and nurture the environment. Towards this, students are encouraged to undertake various activities and projects, within the school and the community at large, to raise awareness, and contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint. Students avail opportunities to participate in community initiatives, especially those focusing on the needs of the underprivileged. This, while developing empathy also helps them evolve into responsible social citizens.

Gem 6 – Sports Excellence, Health & Fitness

Sport develops a sense of discipline, team spirit, and ethics. It also contributes towards ideals punctuality, reliability, co-operation and leadership. One of the key aspects of the Nine Gems™ model is to shape and hone sporting talents in students and provide them a platform to display their skills while promoting their mental and physical growth.
GIIS students are selected from CCA to be part of the GIIS Gold Squad Programme. These students undergo intensive training under the able guidance of the best coaches. They are trained to represent the school in various tournaments at national and international level.
The Chandu Borde Global Cricket Academy (CBGCA) is a unique initiative by the Global Schools Foundation, undertaken with the guidance and mentorship of Mr Chandu Borde – former member of the Indian national cricket team – himself. CBGCA aims to produce players of high calibre across its campuses. GIIS campuses provide sporting facilities in football, volleyball, swimming, basketball, tennis, and martial arts among others.

Gem 7 – Fine & Performing Arts

Performance-based arts, be it music or dance, help students explore their creativity. They also help keep artistic passions alive through formal training. The rigor of performing arts also inculcates discipline in the students.
GIIS provides expert training in instrumental music such as the Keyboard, Tabla, Violin and Guitar. Besides this, children are exposed to different genres of music and dance with guidance from artists of repute in their respective fields. Proprietary events like GIIS Jhankaar – an inter-school singing competition – and Global Indian Stars – an inter-school dance competition – provide students with the right platform to explore their talent and bring out the best in them.

Gem 8 – Ethics & Discipline

In order to nurture children not just as good leaders, but also as good human beings, the Global Schools Foundation launched the Global Indian Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values across GIIS campuses worldwide. The centre gives students insights into the experiences and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, as values and beliefs of the great leader on non-violence are more relevant than ever before in the world today.

Gem 9 – Learning Communities

In order to make students aware of the challenges faced by the local and international communities and nurture them as socially responsible citizens, this sphere of the Nine Gems™ provides students with opportunities to interact within and outside the school community with members of the society at large.