Global Indian International School | Global Centre for Education Excellence
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Global Centre for Education Excellence

Using the Malcolm Baldrige framework of standards of excellence across GIIS campuses, GCEE is designing roadmaps for continuous improvement which contributes towards the school’s vision of nurturing young minds through holistic education. GCEE has put in concerted efforts to measure and monitor results, set up high standards of achievement, and encourage innovation in teaching and learning processes.

Since its inception, Global Indian International School (GIIS) set its focus on providing quality education to students. GIIS campuses adopted the cultural ideology of ‘Schools That Learn’ that makes each individual at GIIS an equal partner in the process of learning.

In April 2008, Global Indian International School instituted the Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE) with the objective of undertaking continuous enhancement and improvement in the academic and non-academic processes. Working closely with the campuses, GCEE has put in efforts to set up high standards of achievement, encourage creation of teaching methods that work and create a system of accountability to measure results.