Global Indian International School | Late Dr Abid Hussain
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Late Dr Abid Hussain

11 Nov 2014, Posted by master in Messages from World Leaders

Founding Patron, Global Schools Foundation

The Global Indian International Schools in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, UAE, Vietnam and Thailand are providing world-class Indian education to the children of our pravasi bharatiyas and the Global Indian Cultural Centres are helping to preserve and reinforce the rich values of our vibrant Indian culture.
It has carefully integrated with the social fabric of various countries and this is evident from the fact that Singaporeans are learning Yoga at your centres, Malaysian and Japanese students are attending your schools and the Thai students are attending your cultural centres for value education. I am delighted to hear that GIIS schools are promoting “Gandhian Values and Thoughts” through its Mahatma Gandhi Centres and these very values are a cornerstone for religious harmony and peace.

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